Name : Eric Feng
Resident : Kunming.Yunnan.China
Birth : 1983 Kunyang
Nationality : Han



1989.09-1995.06 Yuhong Primary School
1995.09-1998.07 Kunming No.3 Middle School
1998.09-2001.06 Yunnan Movie School
2001.09-2004.07 Yunnan University
Bachelor's Degree issued by Yunnan University ( Computer Science and Technology )


2004.11-2005.12 Kunming Tax Bureau Panlong District Branch

2005.11-2007.02 Outdoor Club of Yunnan Geography Society

2007.06-2012.03 On The Way Outdoor Gear Store

2012.03.23-Now The core of Life Cycles Project is the concept of sustainable development, and the general project consists of several non-profit projects such as KTL Project and Home Project, aiming to research and promote environmental protection, cycling of resources, developing recycling utilization, human and nature as well as humanity compassion.

2012.04.22-2012.11.16 On Earth Day, I cycled from Kunming to Lisbon, the theme being promoting environmental protection, developing sustainable resources, as well as human and nature. I crossed China, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal, totally 10 countries and 15000 kilometers of travel route, the travel duration is about 180 days.

2013.04.22-Now The Home project started on April 22, 2013, through the field work and visiting the local residents, enabling everyone to be able to participate in the scientific researches which include the fields of humanity, history, nature and biology. Through these scientific researches, project organizers expect inspireing people's passion for their hometown, meanwhile, promoting the theme of environmental protection, recycling use of resources, human and nature as well as humanity compassion.

2019.08.25 Elementary First Aider Authorized by Red Cross Society of China ( RCSC )

2020.03.20 Volunteer of China Volunteer Service ( CVS )

2020.06 Red Cross Instructor Authorized by Red Cross Society of China ( RCSC )


Adventure Experience

1998.07.12 Cycle for 17 KM from Kunming to Songhua Reservoir

2003.08 Trek from Kunming to Jincheng for 20 KM with 20KG Backpack

2005.12.04 Explore Shuiji Cave

2006.03.28 Explore Anchazi Cave

2006.10.01-2006.10.07 Trek to Yading Holy Snow Mountain in Sichuan

2006.12.31-2007.01.03 Climb Haba Snow Mountai

2009.10.03--2009.10.06 Cycle around Er Lake in Dali

2009.12.15-2010.01.10 Explore the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway ( Hike alone the railway for 466 KM in Yunnan, take train from Lao Cai to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam )

2010.03.31-2010.04.10 Exhibition of Yunnan-Vietnam Railwy , 300000 Visitors in 11 Days

2010.08.27-2010.08.29 Cycle around Fuxian Lake in Yuxi

2011.01.09-2011.03.23 Kunming – Southeast Asia Bicycling : Messengers of Friendship

The cycling team traveled 6000 KM in 74 days , and passed by Laos , Cambodia , Thailand , Myanmar , Malaysia and Singapore for delivering Mr. Zhang Zulin’s friendship letters and express the good will of Kunming citizens to all Southeast Asia countries

2012.04.22 - 2012.11.16 Kunming to Lisbon Project, Across through the Eurasian continent in the manner that Single person riding a mountain bike, arrive to the European ends of the earth — cape Roca, across 10 countries’s frontier with total mileage reached more than 15000 KM, time-consuming six months (180 days)



( Left to right , Up to Down )

01. 1983 100 days
02. 1983 6 months
03. 1985 Home
04. 1993 Yunnan Nationalities Village( 10 years old )
05. 1998 Kunyang ( 15 years old )
06. 2000 Kunming World Horticultural Exposition( 17 years old )
07. 2004 Kunming Tax Bureau Panlong District Branch
08. 2001 Kunyang Zheng he Park
09. 2005 Yunnan Wild Animal Park
10. 2006 Shuicheng Primary School
11. 2010 press conference of Kunming – Southeast Asia Bicycling Event
12. 2010 214 KM of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway( 27 years old )
13. 2011 Kunming – Southeast Asia Bicycling ( 28 years old )

Successful Case

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